I will go a far as saying this course has CHANGED MY LIFE and financial journey. I made some very simple moves that will help my money work for me. It taught me what to look for, where to look and how to review all possibilities. I have confidence that I am setting my future self up for success now! -Vicki D. 
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  •  THE COMPLETE MONEY CONFIDENT PROGRAM: This program will help you build the knowledge you need to implement simple and effective investment strategies, understanding terminology, and being able to apply these concepts, without wasting your time or money on overcomplicated, high-fee investments, or investment vehicles that you don't understand. 
  • ​MONEY CONFIDENT ONLINE VIDEO COURSE: Get immediate (and lifetime) access to the entire Money Confident self-paced video course to supplement small group coaching calls. 
  • WEEKLY SMALL GROUP COACHING CALLS AND LIVE CLASSES FOR 4 WEEKS: Get live education and get your burning questions answered.
  • FINANCIAL WELLNESS TEMPLATE to help you get on track fast that includes:
  • budget tracker (intentional spending template) to help you figure out exactly how money comes in and out of your life and how much you can invest 
  • ​A goal/why tracker so that you can outline exactly why you need to start building wealth to live life on your terms.
  • ​A detailed list of portfolio examples that you can use to craft your own index funds portfolios​ easily
  • Resources that will help you stay on track financially over time
  • MONEY CONFIDENT CHEAT SHEETS: Key takeaways and need-to-know information provided for you in an easy to read document for you to refer back to at anytime without having to rewatch the full course.
  • PRIVATE SLACK GROUP: Connect with other professional career-focused people and entrepreneurs to ask questions and learn more.
  • ​Investing Account Walk-Throughs: I'll walk through one of my investing accounts so you can see exactly what index funds I picked, why I picked them, and how to buy your own index funds.
  • Guest Experts: Learn about other financial topics including house hacking to build wealth faster, how to build a resume that helps you increase your income, and how to start investing in real estate and more!

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