Are you ready to build wealth using simple investment strategies that can put you on the path to retire comfortably or even early? 

The Money Confident Program will give you the confidence to set-up your own 
low-maintenance investing plan in 5 weeks 
(without the shame and confusing financial jargon.)

Ask yourself...are you in control of your finances? 

If you...

  • ​Know you should be investing more but you're not sure where to start 
  • ​​Have a 401(k) or maybe even a Roth IRA but you're not if you're doing it right
  • ​Are afraid you won't have enough money to retire
  • ​Have a partner or financial advisor managing your money and you'd like to be in the know
  • ​​Don't want to spend hours managing your investments 
  • ​Are overwhelmed because investing seems really complicated 

Sound familiar? You're in the right place.

I get it. I've been where you are. 

I used to have no idea what was in my 401(k). I didn't know what my financial advisor was doing. I had no idea when to save and when to invest. I lost a lot of money and time doing things the hard way. 

If you feel overwhelmed about investing it's not your fault....

  • ​Most of us don't get a financial education in high school or college
  • ​When you do google information there's so much financial jargon
  • ​You feel like you should know this stuff already (FYI most people don't)
  • ​You might think you are "bad at money" (you're not you've just never learned.)
  • ​We all have a million things going, kids, life. 

I've got great news for you. There's a simple way to build wealth through investing.

If you're finally ready to...

  • Make your hard earned money work harder for you
  • ​Build wealth for your dream home, trip, or early retirement
  • ​Have the confidence in yourself to build real wealth
  • ​Take control of your finances so you can take care of yourself or your family
  • ​Take the jobs you want not the jobs you need so that you can make an impact

Then it's time for you to become Money Confident. 

Let's get rid of financial anxiety for good. By the end of this program you'll know how to take control of your finances to put yourself on the path to financial independence.

Just imagine...

  • Having a low maintenance investing plan on auto-pilot
  • ​Eventually stepping away from your 9 to 5
  • ​Spending more time doing what you love with people you love
  • ​Having complete confidence to weather economic storms


The Money Confident Program!

My signature program will walk you through exactly how to implement a low-maintenance investment strategy so that you can make your money work for you. 

Whether you’re a brand new investor or you have some investments, I'll teach you what you need to know to grow your wealth overtime.

When you complete the Money Confident Program, 
you'll be able to:

  • ​Build an intentional spending plan to understand how money comes in and out of your life
  • ​Build wealth by knowing exactly when to pay down debt, invest, and save
  • ​Save significant money on taxes by using the right retirement accounts 
  • ​Simplify investing by implementing a low-maintenance investment portfolio 
  • ​Save money by avoiding hidden industry fees that can kill your returns
  • ​Soar financially by becoming part of a ZERO-JUDGEMENT community to support you long after the program is over
Here's what Emily has to say...

Money Confident has been so instrumental for helping me make big financial decisions that I had no clue how to make before taking this course. Tess, gave me so many resources to continue to build my financial skills. I knew learning to invest was a smart decision for my future but I didn't know how to begin.

She also helped me learn how to advocate for myself in ways I didn't know how too. I can't recommend this course enough. Tess is someone who is not just going to give this information but will advocate for you and help you advocate for yourself."  

Hi, I'm Tess (She/Her)

I'm on track to retire by 40 now, but I wasn't always a successful investor. I made some BIG mistakes that cost me thousands of dollars over time. 

After a hard lesson learned, I did my own research and learned how to take control of my finances. I've increased my net worth by $500,000 over the last 4 years by implementing simple investment strategies. I 

Investing will give me the freedom to spend more time doing the things I love with people I love...for me that's traveling, hiking, and empowering women to grow their wealth and their careers.

Most people don't learn to invest because they think it's too complicated (I sure did) but the real truth is that we can't afford to wait to start building wealth if we want to retire comfortably and make an impact. 

This is your year to start building real wealth. 

What's Included?

Money Confident Online Investing Course (5 Weeks)

Each week of video modules (without the financial jargon) will provide you with easy to understand information and includes actionable next steps to put your investment strategy in place fast.

 Financial Wellness Planner and Cheat Sheets

Set goals, track spending, outline investments, and more. 

Cheat sheets include key definitions, explanations, and sample portfolios. 

Small Group Finance 
Coaching Sessions X2

As part of my Money Confident group, I’m invested in your success long after this course closes. 

Two group coaching calls are available to you the first 2 months after you sign-up for the program. So if you sign-up in September, you will get live coaching in October and November!

Membership to the Money Confident Community

Join the Money Confident Facebook group for a NO JUDGEMENT, NO BLAME, NO SHAME space. 

We'll be right there with you to help you on your journey.

What else do you need to succeed? Your success if my success so here are some  BONUSES you get when you sign up now!

  • ​BONUS: Walkthrough of one of my investing accounts! ($300 value)
  • ​BONUS: Salary Negotiation Workshop ($200 value)This is a paid workshop that I've included in the program that will totally change the way you approach negotiation.
  • BONUS: How to get started with ESG/Sustainable Investing 101 ($50 value)Understanding how to invest responsibly is important but also a complex new industry. 
  • BONUS: Guest experts on topics including  House Hacking (real-estate investing), Life Insurance 101, Money Mindset, and Resume Building ($450 value)

What Money Confident course participants are saying…

"Since finishing this course, I learned how to plan my spending each month, started to save for future trips, and finally opened up an investment account!" - Amy

"You will only benefit from taking this class and you'll gain an awesome amount of support from Tess. She is with you every step of the way, and long after the course is over. Highly Recommend. 5 out 5 stars." - Leah

"Simple decisions I made as a result of this course helped me immediately increase my credit score by 35 points" - Jennyfer

"I now have a better understanding and handle on my finances, short term and long term goals" - Coleen

"Since starting  this course, I've been able to choose funds with lower fees (so my money stays with me) " - Rachel

"I am confident I am setting my future self up for success" - Vikki

Money Confident Program Details 

  • 6+ hours of educational video to walk you through exactly how to invest simply and successfully ($2,500 value)
  • ​2 Small Group Coaching Calls ($300 value)
  • ​Private Facebook Group Access ($Priceless)
  • ​​Financial Wellness Planner ($200 value)
  • ​Cheat sheets, retirement guides, and more ($100 value)
  • BONUSES: Bonus guest expert and video content including a walkthrough of one of my investing accounts! ($1,000 value) 

Total Value $4,100
For a one-time payment of $687 

The value of this program is insane and can be truly life changing. You work 40+ hours a week to make enough money to live. If you spend a few hours now making that money work for you, you're future self will thank you. 

Peak inside Money Confident

I know you don't have a ton of time on your hands. So I'll teach you how invest in just 1 hour per week for 5 weeks--even if you have zero knowledge or are in debt using the 4 step Money Confident method where we will Build -> Save -> Simplify -> Soar. 

By the end of the program you'll implement an easy low-maintenance investing strategy, building you wealth on auto-pilot.

BUILD  (Week 1)
Building a money mindset and foundations.

  • Set your goals and find your WHY's
  • ​Manage your credit
  • Calculate your net worth
  • ​Calculate your financial independence number

BUILD  (Week 2)
Building your investment capital and confidence.

  • Increasing your personal margin
  • ​Create an intentional spending plan
  • Reduce investing anxiety
  • ​Avoid investing mistakes that can cost you thousands

SAVE  (Week 3)
Save big on taxes by using the right retirement accounts and investing platforms.

  • ​Pick your investing "style"
  • Save on taxes with the right retirement accounts
  • Understand how financial advisors are compensated 
  • ​Learn which platforms you can use 

SIMPLIFY  (Week 4)
Implement an easy investing strategy that will save you time and grow your money.

  • Learn stock market basics
  • ​Passive vs. active investing
  • Easy investing options
  • ​Breakdown of need-to-know investing terms (ditching financial jargon)

SOAR  (Week 5)
Level up your investing game to start living life on your terms.

  • Diversifying your investments
  • ​Investing tools
  • ​Managing your credit 
  • Next Steps

1x1 Personalized Coaching Session

You can schedule your personalized 3o minute coaching session anytime after week 4. 

I LOVE my course but everyone has different needs so I want to make you have answers to all your burning questions so that you can be as successful as possible, as fast as possible. 

Still not sure if this is for you? 

Watch this quick 3 minute video to learn more!  

This course is backed by the Money Confident Money Back Guarantee.

Take 30 days to review the Money Confident course.

If you don't feel more confident about the basics of investing, I will issue you a full refund as long as you've watched all videos  lessons in weeks 1 through 4 and have submitted a copy of your intentional spending plan.  

Contact me directly and you'll get a hassle-free refund, directly from me. 

No refunds after 30 days from purchase date.


Who is the best fit for Money Confident?
Anyone that want's take control of their finances, grow their wealth over the long term, and reach financial independence. 

Who's not a good fit?
Anyone looking for a get rich quick scheme. There are no short cuts.

What if someone else is managing my money?
If your partner or a financial advisor is managing your investments, it is even MORE critical for you to learn this information. I've worked with too many people who have lost their partner, gone through a break up, and had no idea how their money was being managed. While there are some great financial advisors out there, not all of them are legally obligated to act in your best interest. Having a baseline understanding of how investing works is critical to protecting yourself and your family so that you can have intelligent conversations with your financial advisor. 

What if I'm in debt or don't have an emergency fund of cash?
If you have low interest debt such as a mortgage or student loans under 7%, you'll definitely want to start learning how to invest. If you have debt higher than that, you'll want to pay that off before you start investing. That being said, I would still recommend taking the course now because you will learn what you will need to do in the future to set yourself up for success.

Is this just for women? 
No! This is an inclusive no shame, no judgement community for everyone. 

What exactly do I get when I enroll today?
Access to all course videos, bonus videos, templates, worksheets, facebook community group, 1x1 time with me when you're ready (I recommend after lesson 4), and you will be grandfathered into additional material I roll out in the future. 

How much time will it take me to see results?
If you do one lesson per week and set-up 1x1 time with me to review any questions, within 5 weeks you'll be able to open your investment account and select your own investments. 

Can't I just figure this out on my own?
Of course. Google is amazing. What I'm offering is a system to learn and implement this material effectively without going down google rabbit holes. If you've got a job, side hustle, business, kids, or other obligations, you probably don't have time to mess around on internet. That's where I come in. 

My mission.

While anyone can join the course, I have a personal mission of reducing the gender investing gap.

Given that money and investing is just as critical to our livelihood as nutrition and exercise, we just don’t talk about enough.

Because here’s the hard truth.

Only 26% of American women invest in the stock market, a 2018 report from S&P Global found. Women are also typically less confident in their ability to do it “the right way” and often skip the opportunity to invest all together or find a financial advisor to manage their investments for them and the costs of professional management can add up and in many cases, hurt more than help.

The bottom line is that women and minorities are less likely to invest contributing to gender and racial investing gaps.

Let’s change that.

Consider this an invitation to start a conversation about money. An invitation to build confidence in your own ability to protect your financial future, to grow your money, and to invest with ease in a style that works for you.

No one is coming to save you. 
Your ability to retire comfortably is up to you. 

If you're thinking about waiting until you have more time or money, I'm here to tell you that life will always be chaotic. Taking control of your finances now is the best way to invest in yourself and build way more wealth for the future. 

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